• Image of ROBO SAGA EP (Book)

In the search for meaning that defines human life, nothing is more terrifying than finding what you’re looking for. BRAIN VACATION presents this haunting truth in a book about a young man and his favorite band, and the apocalyptic consequences of his fanaticism. It’s a shame that we hold so tight to those things which set us free, isn’t it?

A sequel to the 2009 album, Dark Side of the Brain, this book is the physical manifestation of a ten-song EP, which is available for free download at the band’s website, http://brainvacation.info!

This limited edition book, produced as 2010 gave way to 2011, is currently the only physical manifestation of the project -- no CDs, no tapes, no vinyl -- and features art and design by drummer Eric Baskauskas. Measures 7"x7"x0.25" (closed) and contains Robo’s entire chilling story as well as the lyrics to each song across its 40 pages. Printed with black ink by a laser printer on white and red papers; also includes hand-stamped red ink accents on the cover and spine and throughout the entire book.